Getting Started
Open IRIS is a free non-commercial platform to enable research resource discovery and sharing for researchers within, and across labs and organizations. It is also a collection of tools and best practices for resource management and optimization, as well as facilitating collaboration and resource sharing.
Registering as a user is simple. Simply click on the "Sign in / Register" on the top of the main portal. When you sign in you will see either public resources or resources you have been granted permission to see. All features in the system are free to use and Open IRIS is a non-commercial project.
If your organization is using Open IRIS already more than likely your group is already registered. If not, during the registration process you can create a group. If you have already registered or would like to create another group, then you can create the group under the "Browse" tab, and then under "Groups" select "Register Group". Your group will be tied to the organization you are registered under and you will be the first administrator for the new group.
Once you are registered you can create a "resource provider" for your lab or facility. This is found under "Browse" tab, and then under "Providers" select "NEW PROVIDER". Complete the form and affiliate with the organizations that you would like this resource provider to be associated with, which can be one or more organizations. You will be the first administrator of this new resource provider.
Often times your organization may already exist and you will be automatically associated with it. If not, the organization will usually be registered via the normal user registration process. If you would like to register another organization at a later time this can be done under the "Browse" tab, and then under "Organizations" select "New Organization". By default you will not be the administrator of the organization, as the administrator can administer all users and groups of the organization. If you would like to be the administrator of the organization then contact and this will be granted if your role within the organization requires this level of access.
The help information for the system is continually being extended, it can be found here. The effort to extend the help information is a collaborative project with users and partners of the system and people are welcome to participate. As well you can submit requests for help via the “Feedback” button found on all pages on the right hand side.
Open IRIS is an ambitious collaborative project to facilitate the discovery and sharing of research resources. The platform is free to use, but it is supported by the collaborative effort of the partner organizations. The partners of the platform drive the direction of the development of the platform and define its priorities, as well as benefitting from a higher level of support in using the platform. The partnership covers the entire organization and to initiate a contact please use the “Join Us” button found in the upper right hand side of the main login page.
As a user or a partner you can contribute to help improve Open IRIS. You can do this by using the “Feedback” button found on right hand side of all pages to provide feedback and suggestions. Contributions can also be made in the form or helping improve the documentation and with development. Use the “Contact” button on the main login page to find out further information.